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About Us

Clipper Canoe Dealer for the RMWB

We custom order and bring in yearly stock of canoes from Clipper out of Abbotsford BC.  They are Canadian made and have a great bunch of people behind the product support!!

Make an appointment to view our stock

We do not have the typical store front so in order to see our canoes, please contact us via the info related to this website and we will set up a time to let you see our stock of canoes and paddling accessories. 


We will be including a list of our stock canoes, along with pictures and some vid's.  Please stay tuned!!!  We are also going to have a new LOGO for Tom's Marine.  

A word about PRICING:

Tom's Marine honour Clipper's Prices.  We add GST and a freight factor.  We keep this freight factor as low as we can and are transparent as to how we get to it. Should you see pricing that looks higher then what you see on Clipper's site, it is simply due to the fact that we add some upgrades to said base models when we order for stock.  Please ask if you have any questions in regards to pricing.

Contact Us

Email or Call us for more info.

Better yet, see us in person!

Contact us to set up an appointment to see our Canoe and paddle accessory stock.